A Classic Re-born

Jensen Interceptor R

The JIA Interceptor R blends fully restored classic Italian styling, modern, reliable, American V8 power and sensitive re-engineering including Independent Rear Suspension for a fully bespoke classic supercar experience like no other.

The Interceptor R is the re-engineered classic that you can actually use every day, and once you have experienced it you will want to use it every day.

The Jensen

A Classic Re-engineered

Interceptor R is subject to a far more involved re-engineering process than most other “restomod” cars. Whilst being careful to retain the character of the original Interceptor, all aspects of the car are radically improved to deliver a truly rewarding, reliable and surprising ownership experience.

No two cars are the same but all share the same hand crafted passion, care and attention to deliver a highly authentic original each time, with the emphasis being on a car that is built to be useable and to be used.

The Jensen Evolution

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