A classic re-born


Transforming the iconic Jensen Interceptor from the ground up with inspired re-engineering for a more exciting and impressive driving experience, coupled with modern levels of reliability. JIA in Banbury replaces the outdated rear suspension with a new independent system, with improved steering geometry at the front & brakes by AP. Upgrades to the drivetrain with a range of modern V8 engines & gearboxes are complemented with all new electrical and wiring systems to extract the best from the modern management systems.

Fully rebuilt, painstakingly restored

Restored from the ground up, no part is left untouched. Bespoke interior and exterior parts set the “R” apart from other Interceptors but only hint at the extraordinary level of re-engineering which lie beneath

Modernised and fully updated

Fully updated mechanicals, modern electrics, bespoke trim and paint, whether rear wheel drive or based around the iconic FF for AWD, the Interceptor R Supercharged blends classic looks with supercar performance and a level of comfort never achieved in an original Jensen.

The ultimate Interceptor

A car hand crafted to your specification, that will not just surprise and delight but will positively command respect and appreciation. Reliable enough to use every day, rare enough to stand out but also a car which brings out the best in other road users, each journey in the Interceptor R is a pleasure to savour in every way.

Re-trimmed to the highest specification

As with the other bespoke options available, our interiors range from light-touch refreshment of your favourite original interior to partial or full re-trimming, please contact us for more detail.

Configure your